It is Spring time! Baseball has started, bright flowers are blooming, and bees are buzzing. For many, a time for Spring Cleaning. A time to shake out the rugs, rid the house of the dried mud and dirt of winter and pull those weeds that have taken over the yard.

Spring is a time to refresh, organize, de-clutter and air out our homes. As I was organizing my bags for donation I thought: “Wouldn’t it be great if we could transfer this Spring Cleaning ritual into our minds and reap the rewards of a refreshed mindset”  to achieve our goals.

We can do this by first De-cluttering our minds of the endless to-do’s and should do’s…reclaim our dreams and start living in the moment! Think of the possibilities as the dust begins to disappear. As we start to regain the bounce in our step and have an up tick of energy.

I invite you to ponder your life from this fresh perspective.  Ask yourself: Are there things you need to let go of to achieve your goals? What has been in hibernation this winter? What have you been putting off? When you think about it what do you really want? And anything else that comes to mind.

From this place of clarity, and new found energy grab a piece of paper and ask yourself: What am I ready to spring into?

Take your first step today to de-clutter your life and find more fulfillment.