Is it Time to Focus on Your Business Life?

Our work and personal lives overlap causing stress or conflict. This is where business coaching can help.  As a former corporate employee, manager, current entrepreneur and working parent, I know all too well that there are not enough hours in the day.  Thus, choices have to be made. As your Coach I will help you navigate the waters and get clear on your priorities and goals while staying true to yourself. As a partner with an eye to keeping you on track you will achieve the success you desire.

I work with clients in the following Business Coaching areas of Leadership, Small Business, Marketing Consultation and Opportunistic Situations.



We are all leaders whether at work, at home or in our community. The key to being a successful leader and having influence is to maximize your strengths and being authentic while getting others to listen, follow and believe in you. I have found that life/work balance and workplace stress are two factors that greatly impact a person’s ability to lead.

  • Focused on leading from a place of authenticity to enable leading with ease and passion. Coaching is customized and tailored to meet the needs of the leader or team. The meetings are a combination of in-person and on the telephone for time management purposes. Pricing is dependent on length of coaching commitment and number of sessions.

Small Business Coaching

I help small business owners stay true to themselves and their vision by managing the everyday ups and downs to take the actions they need to get results with greater ease and confidence.  This type of coaching is very dynamic and fluid.  My philosophy is to show up and meet you where you are and help you stand in your power. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or a successful solopreneur you may find yourself in need of re-energizing, keeping your fears at bay, a positive voice or  someone to help keep you accountable or moving when obstacles appear.

  • Your needs and goals determines the length of coaching. Whether its setting goals, creating systems, keeping you on point, brainstorming promotions or thinking of new ways to laser target your ideal customer each coaching relationship is customized to meet your desired outcome.  The meetings are tailored to your workstyle and can be in-person or on the telephone.

Marketing Consulting

  • Designed based on client and company need. Specific strengths include: Strategic thinking, target market insights and consumer promotion and business building ideas.

“I chose to work with Lisa as a coach because of her extensive business and advertising background. Her focused approach helped me to summarize and write the copy for a complicated and detailed worldwide website. Lisa was able to decipher and sift through voluminous amounts of information and help concisely summarize research to create the copy and text for the site.  She clearly inspired me to complete the required tasks with follow up afterwards.  I appreciated her keen ability to see the big picture and help me reach my goal.”
Joanna Rizzuti, Owner Atlantis Yacht Charters,

Opportunistic  Situations

Life happens and things come up.  Sometimes we need a fresh perspective or some space to get clarity or as one of my client says “A kick in the rear to get back into gear.” I’m here to help spark you into action or work through that last step to help you achieve your goal. It can be one or several meeting whatever you need to:

  • Get inspired and back on track to help you get unstuck or  have too much on your plate.
  • To work on and polish key presentations or work through challenging times when another perspective or approach may be warranted.
  • A new business opportunity and you need an extra pair of hands and a sounding board.