Lisa Rocks McKeogh -My Philosophy: Be Present in Your Own Life

Like you, I have seen the glorification of being busy become an everyday way of life, especially in my work as a Life and Business Coach.  My philosophy is Be in the Moment.  Engage in your life and stop being a spectator.  Because your mind is racing with a million to-do’s, you can easily get stuck in the mode of just getting things done and running in place. It is all about being in charge of what you want.

There is no better way to do this than by “Bringing you into Focus.”  We gain clarity about what we want in our lives and what’s most important by getting above the endless to-do’s. Looking at the big picture, clears the way for movement and more fulfillment. This principle works for any goal, big or small, professional or personal.

About Me – Advertising and Marketing Background

In 2007, because a favorite part of my 15+ years as a Senior Manager in advertising was mentoring, motivating and developing co-workers, I became a Personal and Business Coach. I realized it was time to make a change when I found myself being a spectator in my own life. Recognizing that whether it was with friends, family or at work, helping others succeed and find happiness was my strength.  This passion led me to coaching.

My corporate experience includes working with a wide range of companies; departmental and team management and training roles, strategic planning and creative solutions. Working in a fast-paced and client-serving environment provided me with insight into what today’s working professionals and parents are facing.  Thus I am uniquely qualified to bring a different perspective and creative ways to those who are managing more than they should as they foster growth and results from both a life and business standpoint.

Coaching that Delivers –  Connection and Results

I am an insightful and creative coach focused on helping my clients take inspired action to obtain the results they desire. My approach blends my corporate experience, coaching techniques and personal insights to help individuals and businesses succeed and lead. As an experienced – leadership, transition, business and life coach I help my clients connect with what is important to them and create their path from a place of authenticity to thrive in their work, life and play.

I am recognized for providing the spark and space to help my clients get unstuck and energized, allowing them to reclaim the life they want now. By providing the support, accountability and framework for them to soar above the details and explore possibilities, I help my clients thrive. Years of conducting 360 assessments and overseeing strategic media plans has honed my ability to ask “thought provoking” questions which create clarity and shifts for my clients, help them find their ideal target audience and bring themselves and their business to life.

What Others Say About Me


  • “Lisa helps me step off my treadmill of life and really think about how and where I am spending my time” 
  • “I came home from Lisa’s Show Up for YOU workshop energized and inspired. I immediately wanted to do things I had been procrastinating about. It’s as though my energy and focus have been restored.” 
    –Laurey G
  • “Lisa was instrumental in helping me reach an annual sales goal that had eluded me for two years.  With her encouragement I explored uncharted avenues for new customers and sales.  She designed a “Success Tracker” to keep me on target and helped me boost my self-confidence.  I was thrilled when I was honored at our company conference.” – Carol

Other things about me

  • Held Vice President and Director Media Planning/Strategy positions at major Advertising Agencies.  Directed media planning and strategic communication programs for Fortune 500 companies such as: Bank of America, Clorox, Hunt Wesson Foods and Proctor & Gamble
  • Work as a Pinnacle 360 Coach for Corporate Balance Concepts
  • Stand Beside Them Coach- providing free coaching to Veterans
  • Lead Workshops and facilitate meetings
  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), The Coaches Training Institute
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC), The International Coaches Federation
  • 360 Reach Personal Branding Assessment Certification, 2011 and 2013
  • Author of Motivational articles
  • B.S. Business Administration, San Diego State University
  • Active in community service.

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