Career Offerings


  • The goal is to focus on gaining clarity on your career and preparing you for the journey. Whether you are looking for a job, re-entering the workforce or developing a long-term career plan, the focus is on discovering what kind of job you are looking for, identifying your skills and workplace values.
  •  From there we outline a custom plan of action and steps to move you along the path.  Including tools to identify your strengths and gain clarity on any additional skills needed or hidden talents.

 VIP Intensive

  • For those who want to dive in and get going on the job front.  Spend half a day with me immersed in your career planning.  A great way to focus and re-think where you are, where you want to go and what is important to you in a job.
  • Taking a deep-dive is ideal for those on the go or for those whom the thought of weekly meetings are a burden.

Current Job Checkup

  • Do you like parts of your job but frustrated by others?  Do you want to contribute more but are to burned out?Feel uninspired? These are all reasons for a reflection on your current work situation.  
  • Like a car we need to tune-up our professional life as well. We will take an inventory of your current situation, mind-sets and relationships to bring you greater success and happiness in your current job.