Life Coaching Offerings

One-on-One Coaching

  • We tailored the sessions to your needs and agenda. So that you may start living a life with purpose and greater energy. ¬†The goal is to have more joy in your days and time for friends, family, art or whatever you desire. ¬†Great for those in transition who are asking Who am I? and What is next?
  • Coaching keeps you moving forward toward your vision and learning about yourself thus bringing you clarity and greater fulfillment.
  • In person, Skype or telephone you choose how we communicate. We meet monthly for two 45-minute sessions with e-mail communication between sessions to keep the movement going.

Fuel Session: Just-in-Time Coaching

  • For those not looking for a long-term coaching relationship the Fuel session is designed to give you the boost you need or help you get unstuck during key crunch times, stressful decision-making, short term projects, or when making a transition.
  • I listen and help you look at things from a fresh perspective and together we unlock your potential and get your specific issues resolved.
  • By the hour or by the month we design what works best for you and your needs.

Fuel Session: Planning & Strategy Session to Get Moving

  • We all have goals and things we want to do but we get busy and roadblocks come up and before you know it, another month has gone by. This session is designed to help spark you into Get Going toward your goals.
  • In a 75-minute session I help you push the reset button and take control of your schedule, enabling you to focus on what you really want to achieve and why it’s important to you.
  • We will work together to clearly define your goals, talk about what is getting in the way
    and outline a plan to get you going and achieve the results you desire.