“Lisa helps me step off my treadmill of life and really think about how and where I am spending my time.”


“I came home from Lisa’s Show Up for YOU workshop energized and inspired. I immediately wanted to do things I had been procrastinating about. It’s as though my energy and focus have been restored.”


“Lisa you are an amazing coach and I truly appreciate your insight, as well as your encouragement. You gave me the confidence to start the year off with a hefty goal. I have decided to step out of my comfort zone and start a new side business! I doubt I would have taken this risk. You helped me realize that the best time for me to do this is NOW.”


“Lisa was instrumental in helping me reach an annual sales goal that had eluded me for two years.  With her encouragement I explored uncharted avenues for new customers and sales.  She designed a “Success Tracker” to keep me on target and helped me boost my self-confidence.  I was thrilled when I was honored at our company conference.”


“Lisa created a safe place to take a moment for myself, let go and dream. Lisa helped me pare down all of my creative ideas and focus and help get me moving forward. And I love my Vision Board!”


“Lisa helped me during a transition to a new city and to balance both my career and my desire to get back to my hobby, performing stand-up comedy. In a world where the focus is on not doing enough, not being good enough, Lisa helped me see where I was succeeding, take the time to acknowledge my accomplishments and finally, to layout the steps needed to reach my goals. Thanks to her, I’ve performed stand-up in New York City.”


“Lisa was able to decipher and sift through voluminous amounts of information and help me concisely summarize research to create copy for my website. Lisa clearly inspired me to complete the required tasks with follow up afterwards. I appreciated her keen ability to see the big picture and help me reach my goal.”