I work with…

  • People who strive to live a meaningful and impactful life.

Those who are most likely to benefit from working with me are:

Purpose- Driven:

  • You feel out of alignment with your passion.
  • You are unclear on your purpose.
  • You have a schedule that does not reflect your priorities.
  • You are craving more fulfillment and meaning in your life.
  • You are ready to be fearless in your pursuit of what matters most.
  • You received a wake-up call to live your life NOW.

Moms in Transition:

  • You find yourself with more time.
  • You cannot answer the question Who am I?
  • You love being a mom but need some time for yourself.
  • You are approaching an empty nest and fretting about what’s next.
  • You are a new working mom and don’t know how to navigate this chapter.

Career Professional:

  • You are stuck and need a change.
  • You want something more and not sure what that looks like.
  • You are ready to have a career on your terms.
  • You need to learn to say NO, so you can focus on projects you find meaningful.
  • You want to feel healthier by calming your mind and reducing stress.

Small Business/ Entrepreneurs:

  • You want more control in your life and business.
  • You want to face your fear and replace it with confidence and feelings of excitement.
  • You need Business coaching with respect to building out your ideal customer’s “persona” or overcoming a business challenge.