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Stop Surviving Life and Learn to LIVE It!

“I am busy” is the new hello. Technology has sped up everything and you are always available. Kids are overscheduled. Clients and bosses wanted it yesterday. You are squeezing in one more errand or sending one last text.  It is the life you know and you are good at it, and you can sustain your busy career and schedule for a few more years.  But do you want to?

You do have a choice! You can stop chasing what’s in front of you and start to get clear about what you want and find your purpose.  When you are choosing your life at every moment you have more energy because you are spending less time on distractions and things you don’t really want which opens up other possibilities.

At Rocket Coaching & Consulting we are all about helping you move forward, create the life you want, and bringing YOU back into focus.  We will work together to get clear about what you want and why and activate a plan to help you take off and “Rocket” in the direction you want.

Re-claim your life and dreams. Create a life fueled by your passion and enjoy the freedom and confidence of knowing who you are and why you do what you do.

“You Be YOU”: A Purposeful Path

You Be YOU: The key to living a purposeful life.  Are you able to be yourself at work, with family and friends?  When we are comfortable in our skin, life flows much easier.  We trust our intuition, are more confident in meetings and conversations, and in the clothes we wear.  We have more positive energy, less stress, more creativity, and better health.

Find greater meaning and control in your life by creating your Purposeful Path.

It is time to Rethink. Reclaim. Refresh.

Live the life you want Now.

Thrive in your work, life, and play.