I recently went to a ‘Paint Night’ which to most folks would be viewed as a relaxing and fun activity, especially when you are with your daughter. To me, it created a bit of fear and unease.  The reasoning swirling in my head was “What are you doing here?  You are not an artist or not even very creative.”  The rational part of me thought “Really Lisa…  come on now, everyone can paint, just like everyone can sing. It really comes down to embracing imperfection.” This is so true. There is a quote by the artist Salvador Dali that says “Have no fear of perfection – you will never reach it.”

I am proud of my painting. I carried it 2,000 miles back home, safely stowed in the overhead bin, and it is now proudly hanging on my wall as a reminder to try new things.

What have you tried lately? What old “stories” are you telling yourself? Here’s to creating new adventures!