Happy 2018!


Wow another year begins. In thinking about what to share as my New Year’s greeting, I decided to start with my “theme” for the year as it tells a story of how we can get to fulfillment and completing our goals in 2018.  Also by sharing my theme “out loud” it is more likely to become incorporated into my everyday habits.


My theme is two-fold: Simplify and Movement.  As I was composing this blog post, I realized I was spinning on the fact that I had two theme’s, not one.  Should there be a sub-theme?  Was there a lack of clarity?  Etc…  At that moment it became clear to me that it was the mental gymnastics I was going through, that was the issue!  Seeking perfection, looking for that exact word, best work-out and diet, writing the perfect resume/LinkedIn profile can all be barriers to movement and taking action.

 So, I decided to sprinkle in a little imperfection into my “theme” too!  To help keep me moving.  Do not get me wrong, I am not advocating a sloppy job, low standards, or settling for less.  However, when it comes to movement towards our goals and making changes, we can waste a lot of time “trying to get it right”, when small incremental movements get us to our desired outcome much faster.

 Here’s to taking one step at a time and keeping it simple in 2018.