armsfecdf2e8-5d67-4a8c-852a-ae086b179839With the change in seasons comes a change in our schedule, creating a great
opportunity to re-claim or reset our goals. Goals help us work toward and keep us on
the path to living a life with purpose. We all have goals – some are top of mind while
others are long forgotten.
Remember your New Year Resolutions, the promise to tone those arms before summer
or the special savings account for the long overdue “real” vacation?
In reflecting about why some goals have been met and some forgotten or abandoned, a
few things come to mind based on my own personal experience and my clients’
successes. First it starts with having meaningful goals. Goals are important because
they help us keep living a purposeful life while taking action. I mean ANY action – no
step is too small when you are working toward a goal. “Movement is Movement”. No
matter how lofty or lowly our goal, we need to break things down to simple steps and
‘Take One’ step forward.
Why? As humans we all like to win and success feeds on success. Once we have put
together a series of positive accomplishments our confidence grows and new habits are
formed. We build on this positive energy and take another step, each time moving
closer to our larger goal.
Another component to add in your pursuit of achieving your goals. It is called
“accountability” and the best way to stay on track is to enlist an “Accountability
Partner(AP)”. When we share our goals and what we want to achieve, it helps us
manifest and make the change. An AP is helpful to keep us in check, keep us to “our
word” and remind us we are not alone. It is that knowing “Someone may be expecting
me” that provides extra motivation. Traits of a good AP start with a promise of non-
judgment and should not be seen as the “principal” or someone to avoid.
If you feel a lack of motivation regarding your goals I suggest you select one of your
goals, break it down into bite size steps and ‘Take One’!
“Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned”—Peter Marshall