dreamstime_m_44412153The start of the New Year is a time when many people feel the need to set goals, to make a list of resolutions, even promising a complete re-boot of their lives.  Many of these are things that we have deferred, and let pile up for the months leading up to the New Year, and it is really no wonder that this varied collection of resolutions fails within the first month.

This year I am suggesting to my clients to think of entering 2016 with a broader mindset of creating goals that are transformational versus transactional, for example instead of saying “I will lose 15 pounds” to challenge oneself with a transformational goal such as “I will practice healthy eating habits.”  To create real change, you need to connect to what you want, so you are motivated to stay the course.  I propose you think of 2016 as a continuation of your life’s journey and to challenge any perceived limits or constraints, and to create the life you want.

Here’s a quick exercise to get started – you will need 15 to 20 minutes of uninterrupted time.

  1. Find a quiet or relaxing space.
  2. Grab a piece of paper or your tablet.
  3. Ask yourself…  What paths do you want to stay on? And what new paths do you want to create?
  4. Now connect to your paths or goals by asking yourself: Where are you going? What will being on this path get you? Name the feeling or emotion? What does it look like?
  5. Spend a few moments reflecting and visualizing your answers. For example:
  • Mindfulness – I will feel more present in my life by taking 15 minutes a day to just be.
  • Acknowledgement – I will be more fulfilled at work if I am recognized with a raise or a promotion for my contributions.

Please give me a call or send me an email if you would like to discuss your goals or need support to propel yourself into action.  I am happy to listen or help whatever you need.

Wishing you a wonderful and transformational 2016.  Enjoy the Journey!