It’s hard to believe we are almost halfway through 2022.  Time is flying by.  I am continuing to bring forward things in my life that I am grateful for and bring joy. High on my list is Mother Nature. Being outdoors in nature’s beauty refreshes my mind, body, and soul.


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Bringing It Forward

Happy 2022!  It’s a new year – a time to think about the months ahead.  With uncertainty abounding it’s easy to languish. One way I am moving positively into the new year is by taking things I enjoyed in 2021 and bringing them forward.  A great joy last year for me was establishing a “Little Free Library”.  I get to share my passion for books and enhance neighborhood relationships.


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A Time of Gratitude

Best Wishes for a happy and healthy  Thanksgiving.  A time to reflect on what we are grateful for and show appreciation to others.  Never underestimate the impact of a small act of kindness.

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Peaceful Reflection

Take a moment for peaceful reflection on 2019.  It is important to take a pause before we enter the holiday season. For me, it was re-looking at my photos from a trip to Maine this Fall.  Recharging your batteries will help you to prepare for the joyful and emotional roller coaster ride.




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Ring in 2019

Happy 2019! Wishing each of you a year filled with success, laughter, and good health.  As you look ahead to the new year my wish for you is to be present each day.  Here is to living our lives with passion and gratitude.

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Avoiding the “Too-Busy-To-Be” Trap

Are you busy being busy?  Life is too shortPlane_in_the_sky_mo_01.svg to be spending our days on Autopilot and not engaged in what we are doing.  We need to BE in the moment and enjoy how we are spending our time. Have you noticed “I’m busy!” is quickly becoming the new “Hello – how are you”? It seems whenever I run into someone or talk to a client and ask how things are going the reply is “super busy” or “hectic” or some variation on that theme. Depending on whom I am talking to and where, I often ask “busy doing what?” and the common response is