mirrorblogAs February, the month of love winds down and the roses are wilting and the last boxes of chocolates are being sold at fifty percent off the need for love continues. Love needs to be expressed well beyond Valentine’s Day.  Not only to others but to ourselves as well.  The idea of loving another is very important and a huge part of life. I would go on to say loving yourself is just as important. The best part love does not need to “bust the bank” or make us go broke. As human beings we are often better at loving others and even our pets than we are at showing love to ourselves.

Many of us believe that self-love or self-care is a “nice to have” thus ignore ourselves or cater to the needs of others first. A sense of self-worth and well-being is the foundation to a meaningful and productive life. We need to take care of ourselves, believe that our time is just as valuable as someone else’s and on occasion pat ourselves on the back. Doing for others is wonderful and putting others first are two noble things to do. However, it should not be at the expense of your own needs. It is not selfish or rude to claim time for you. We need to block out the image of the “Me Generation” and focus on the “me” in meaningful to be able to have a meaningful life and relationships. 

Everyday affirm: I will make time for myself today by ___________.  Reflecting on how you bring love to yourself and into the world will give you will a sense of fulfillment and nourishment each day.